Each claim has its own deductible. If you wait for your car to be hailed on multiple times, then your risking your vehicle having too many dents to be repaired by Paintless Dent Repair. You could be subject to multiple deductible losses when a body shop repaints your car or replacement becomes necessary. Paintless dent repair can be performed multiple times on your vehicle. Repainting the vehicle results in a permanent change of value and quality.

Most original estimates are not an accurate estimate of actual damage. They are a preliminary evaluation of the damaged areas. Typically, these estimates are 20-70% less than the actual damage found once evaluated under professional lighting. If you decide to keep the first check, then your risk the loss of your property value. Insurance companies do not pay for damage twice. Any values will be automatically deducted from your next collision or hail claim. When selling your vehicle or returning a lease, 100% of devalue of the vehicle is expected. We suggest fixing the vehicle with us for no out of pocket expense now.

The claim process usually requires the following steps:

  • Choose North Dallas Dent as your repair shop.
  • Contact your insurance provider
  • Strategy development
  • Follow the required steps of your provider. Each insurance provider has a different process. We recommend having them meet at our office for the estimate. However, most providers will want you to go to their drive-in claim center.
  • Bring paper work, claim number, and vehicle to our shop.
  • We will help get you a rental car to use while your vehicle is being repaired.
  • We will process any supplemental claims needed to complete the repair.
  • Upon completion, your vehicle will have received an excellent repair and restored its value and your pride in ownership. All with no out of pocket expense.

NO. In the State of Texas, you have the right to have your car repaired at the shop of your choice. Insurance providers are not allowed to steer you to any specific business. However, they may have contracts for estimating services and discounts with many large body shops that require them to collect your deductible.

PDR Services are priced based on the size of dents and the number thereof. Whether you have 6 quarter sized dents or 3 nickel sized, all repair rates are determined by our estimating program, negotiated, and compared with insurance programs.

It depends on the dollar value or the dent count. If the dent count is off the chart but the metal is not comprised, then it’s a possibility. As an independent, Dent Resource LLC can review the labor versus best repair for your and determine if the panels can be repaired instead of replacement. If you find your vehicle in this situation, please contact us and we will try to repair or offer the best advice we can. We do contract to body shops for replacement and painting of compromised panels thus offering complete hail repair services.

YES, we stand behind our work the same as our competitors. We are a local company and are here to earn your business along with your friends and neighbors.